Pure, lush and solemn, the Paganella plateau is ready to give you a loving welcome

You can limit yourself to observing it from a distance, or take one more step into its heart. We will be there by your side, with proposals and advice that, from our hotel, will guide you on excursions to the Paganella mountain and the Brenta Dolomites.
More than simple classic mountain sports, these are essential opportunities to enjoy a new perspective on this corner of Trentino. We know it well. From our hotel you can sense the calls of seductive nature. Follow them, they will lead you along enchanting thematic and panoramic paths between Fai della Paganella, Molveno and Andalo. They will lead you from Paganella's peak to the former Battisti and Pedrotti refuges or to the Germano hut, from irresistible Molveno to the Maga Andalo, up to the highest refuges or to the pristine shores of the lake. They will take you by the hand along high-altitude trails, lush and gradually ever more intense, in the Adamello Brenta Park and on the 'via ferrata' of the Brenta Group. They will give you the enchantment of a moment all for yourself, of a view full of emotions from the Ferrata delle Aquile and from the vantage point of the Croce di Fai, at the top of Mount Fausior.

They will give new life to your emotions. Emotions to experience right here, with us, in our hotel for excursions to the Brenta Dolomites.
Accompanied excursions and Nordic Walking
Our Day Active Program, a weekly program of daily, soft outdoor activities. With our Nordic Walking instructor, you will discover how to use the famous walking poles and be accompanied on fantastic excursions on our plateau.
Theme trails, trekking and Ferrata delle Aquile
Everything’s within your grasp: on a walk on the themed trails in the village, you can admire the incredible views, enjoy the beneficial effects of Forest Bathing on the Water and Beeches trails or walk up to the Fai Cross on Mount Fausior, where the cinematographic vistas of the valleys of Trentino will thrill you. Enjoy incredible trekking on Paganella, with views of the Dolomites, the major peaks of Trentino, and down towards Lake Garda. ...
The Dolomites UNESCO heritage
The Dolomites, here for you to experience and enjoy, are all around you,. Trekking on paths, trips to the most beautiful mountain refuges, some of which are partially reachable also by Jeep: Cacciatori, Pedrotti, Agostini, Selvata. The choice is wide: with a short journey, the lovers of lakes will be able to reach the extraordinary lake of Tovel set in the Dolomites. For experts, the most acclaimed routes like the Bocchette, or the most ...
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