Women's Day is in the air, a party we like to celebrate in the SPA. This year we decided to make homemade lip balms and give it to all the ladies who will give a massage in SPA On March 8th in the Resort's Beauty Farm. Lorenza, our SPA manager, naturopathic and passionate and expert in wellness, has created a totally natural, feminine and velvety lip balm for you. Many ingredients come from our territory: the bees wax was brought to us by Lucia, owner of Mieli D'Autore, a tenacious and sweet woman who produces excellent honey right here in the village. The essential oils of rose and violet are by Massimo, our herbalist who prepared them for us with the flowers picked in the Resort Park during the summer. A simple recipe, to do at home, to always have an absolutely natural balm in your handbag. We want to give a virtual gift to all women, in addition to the recipe for natural lip balm we also add a wonderful poem by Antonia Storace.

Best wishes and happy March 8 to all women!


Recipe for 60 gr. of natural balsam (about 4 jars)

10 gr of beeswax
25 gr of rice oil
20 grams of shea butter
8 drops of jasmine essential oil
8 drops of essential oil to roses
6 drops of essential oil of violets
the tip of a teaspoon of vitamin E


get very small jars, you can buy on the internet but you can also recycle some jars already present in the house. Take care to wash and dry the jars that you prepare open to be able to proceed quickly to the spill of the still hot conditioner. Proceed by placing the beeswax in a water bath, allow the wax to dissolve slowly at no more than 50 ° C. After a few minutes you will get a liquid cream, at this point add the shea butter, continue stirring the mixture for a few minutes. In a separate bowl add all the oils emulsifying and making sure that all the components mix. At this point, join both compounds, check that the thermometer does not exceed 30 ° C and add the vitamin E. Repeat everything well by proceeding to pot pouring this preparation still warm in the jars. Let it cool. You can use your conditioner several times a day, you will always have perfect and soft lips.

This is a beautiful poem wrote by an Italian writer:

Ci sono le donne…. e poi ci sono le donne donne
E quelle non devi provare a capirle, sarebbe una battaglia persa in partenza.
Le devi prendere e basta. Devi prenderle e baciarle, e non dare loro il tempo di pensare.
Devi spezzare via, con un abbraccio che toglie il fiato, quelle paure che ti sapranno confidare una volta soltanto, a bassa bassissima voce.
Perché si vergognano delle proprie debolezze e, dopo avertele raccontate, si tormenteranno – in un agonia lenta e silenziosa- al pensiero che scoprendo il fianco e mostrandosi umane e facili e bisognose per un piccolo fottutissimo attimo, vedranno le tue spalle voltarsi ed i tuoi passi allontanarsi.
Perciò prendile e amale.
Amale vestite, e senza trucco che a spogliarsi sono brave tutte.
Amale indifese e senza trucco, perché non sai quanto gli occhi di una donna possono trovare scudo dietro un velo di mascara.
Amale addormentate, un po’ ammaccate quando il sonno le stropiccia.
Amale sapendo che non ne hanno bisogno, sanno bastare a se stesse.
Ma appunto per questo, sapranno amare te come nessuna prima di loro.

(Antonia Storace)