Inspired by the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, the charm of the La Dolce Vita spa unfolds in the heated pools of our hotel with swimming pools in Fai della Paganella. To augment the purifying power of the water, we have chosen to revitalise it by following the Grander method. Its contact with your body, as a consequence, inebriates the senses, becomes as gentle as a caress on the skin and the hair, and is delicate on the eyes due to the reduced use of chlorine.

In our hotel with swimming pools in Trentino, you can choose between indoor pools heated to 32°C, the saline pool at 33°C, and the 35°C pure well-being of the whirlpools. You can enhance the sweetness of a summer's day in the outdoor pool or whirlpool at 35°C or follow the swimming channel that leads you from the inside to the outside pool, heated to 36°C. And, as a last indulgence of priceless relaxation, here is the elegant hanging-garden and the irresistible HotSpring pool of our hotel with swimming pools in Fai della Paganella, a few kilometres from Andalo and Lake Molveno.

Water is the substance of all things.
It is the origin, middle and end.
It is a dream of pleasure that, here, you can realise.

The world of water:

  • Outdoor pool with water heated to 32°C;
  • Outdoor hot tub with hydromassage, heated to 34°C;
  • Hot tub with hydromassage and passage to the outside, heated to 35°C;
  • Indoor hot tub with hydromassage, heated to 35°C;
  • Indoor saltwater tub, in the world of saunas, heated to 34°C;
  • Hot Spring tub in the new hanging-garden, heated to 35°C;

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