The gardens

Imagine seeing from afar a special place, to rediscover it with wonder after a long absence, or to rest your gaze on it for the first time. The emotions that you feel are the flame that only great encounters can fuel.
The same flame, ready to be fanned to life when you rediscover nature in our resort in Trentino. Because, here, everything has the colours, the sounds and the perfumes of a perfect encounter, of an invitation to happiness that warms the heart.

  • Bioenergetic garden;
  • Hanging garden with Hot Spring;
  • Terraces and green areas complete with comfortable sun-beds;
  • Balconies with chairs and lounger beds:
  • Vegetable garden and more than 500 rose bushes;
  • Yoga area with therapeutic music;


Our bioenergetics garden
Bionergetic Landscapes is the result of research on the energetic interaction between living beings and the natural environment.
The Potanger, and our collection of roses
Its tasty and organic vegetables are offered to our guests every day.
oligomineral thermal spring
In the SPA of the Resort there is a natural, thermal source with oligomineral water. A spring whose water has a very low mineral salt content, is ideal for promoting diuresis and detoxifying the body. The source is available to guests of the Resort. ...
Start everything with a look. It is enough to walk in the park's lush gardens and see how the flowers and plants enhance the landscape's canvas with dense brushstrokes of colour. Then, from the natural terraces, take in the surrounding valley, see it emerge from the heart of the Dolomites. Smile of the playful vivacity of the birds from birdwatching hides.

Along the way, you will find clear ponds. Get closer, observe them. You will experience the discreet charm of high altitude aquatic plants and discover the secrets of their blooming. Finally, let your gaze wander over the quivering nature of the bioenergetic garden and open your mind to the hidden geometries of plants.

Now go on in the Dolce Natura park, set in three irresistible hectares of green countryside with biodynamic and medicinal gardens, refuges for small animals and an enchanting wooden chalet where you can enjoy delicious snacks. It is in the embrace of the park that the sporting heart of the hotel beats, between the riding stables and soccer field to the tennis courts and archery range.

Then, in winter, the magic of the Snow Park, its playgrounds, toboggan and bob-sled runs comes to life. If you are still hungry for emotions, turn and look back at the resort park and its path immersed in art, its paintings and sculptures, at the periodic exhibitions and permanent installations: small pieces in a mosaic of emotions that you will carry forever in your heart.

The gardens
Allow the green of nature to colour your soul.
The gardens
Let the green of nature color your soul.
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