The story of our spa hotel in Trentino is contained in a web of indelible memories which we love to relive so that they come to you, charged with emotion and charm. It is a story that starts on the 23rd of September 1885, at the height of the Habsburg epoch, and continues through the 1900s to today.

The first page recounts the opening of an inn: writing it is our ancestor, Giuseppe Mottes. He didn't know it then, but that memorable moment would mark the future of the family and tightly bind our destinies to this enchanting corner of Trentino.

The flowering of the Paganella plateau
Between the beginning of the 1900s and the 1920s, the plateau of Paganella bloomed in a springtime at its heart. The new cable-car, the sweet lure of the climate and the charm of the Brenta Dolomites aroused the curiosity of passionate adventurers and fanned the flames of winter tourism.

Fai della Paganella and the entire plateau, now open to the world, were ready open-armed to receive guests, and thus our story is enriched with new characters. King Vittorio Emanuele III, amongst others, loved to spend his holidays right here, in the presence of these proud peaks.

From the traces of a dream to a promise of well-being.
It's with the arrival of the 1940s that our memories start to become more vivid, the emotions more intense. Our family began to shape a new dream in the enchanting Villa Sperlari-Carletti, in Fai della Paganella, captivated by the glowing tranquility of two luxuriant hectares of its parkland. This dream took the name of the Panorama Hotel and soon became reality with its cosy rooms, traditional dishes and glimpses of the Dolomites framed by the windows.

Time passes. Over the decades, the hotel has transformed, evolved, assumed a new shape, like clay between our hands. Here, the origins of a resort that is dedicated to relaxation, well-being and regenerative rest in the spell-binding atmosphere of the Paganella Plateau. Here, the tennis centre, here the spa and the beauty farm. The heart warms amidst the unforgettable pleasures of a personally-tailored wellness experience, of complete surrender to relaxation in a luxurious retreat, with the discrete attention of our wellness professionals. Last but not least, the ecstasy of contact with nature, of discovering the beating heart of the Dolomites with a ramble, a cycling excursion or descending the slopes on skis.

Our place in the story.

2015 peeps out through the pages of our recent past and tells of our registration in the National Register of Historical Enterprises. It is a year that we remember and celebrate, a recognition that goes to the heart of our story: intuition, sacrifice and love resisting the tests of time and giving life to something wonderful.

After four generations, we come to the present day, and the song remains the same. The intuition, the sacrifice and the love are still the sources that we draw upon to offer you an irresistible experience of wellness, relaxation and deep regeneration in our spa hotel in Fai della Paganella.

This story lives on in unforgettable memories, yet it reaches out to embrace the future. We are waiting, here in our place in your heart, to write another page of the story together.