Four-legged holidays, your pet's hotel in Trentino

Special ties embroider our lives with an uninterrupted thread, giving it meaning and fullness, never breaking.
Holidays with animals in Trentino are perfect occasions to honour them and colour their lives with unforgettable experiences.
We invite you to experience the charm of our hotel in Trentino with your dog and celebrate your special bond.

Your four-legged friends will be welcomed, the chef is ready to prepare his balanced menus designed just for them: basic pasta, or rice with chicken or beef, and cooked vegetables.
We also make sure that rooms where an animal has been accommodated receive a special cleansing to ensure maximum hygiene.
You will only be allowed to eat in the dining room with your pooch if you are housing him in a carrier. A little caution for other guests and those with dog phobia.
We remind you that the responsibility for any damage to objects or people will fall on the owner of the animal.

Special services are available in the Resort:

  • on request, and for a fee, dog-sitter;
  • on request, and for a fee, veterinary service;
  • on request, and for a fee, Pet Menu;
  • dog-bed and bowl for water;
  • various "Pet Bar" points in the Resort Park;

The daily rate for your dog's accommodation is €15.00 per day.

Remember, the fresh mountain air is as good for you as it is for your four-legged friend.
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Whether your heart yearns to beat to the rhythm of sport, or dreams of relaxing in luxurious panoramic suites, experience the emotions of our hotel in Trentino with your dog. Let them breathe in the fragrances of the woods and meadows, let them discover the joy of contact with nature, so that they can share with you the deep well-being of a walk in the park. Let them find, in us, some of the love you give them every day. A love that warms them in soft, comfortable blankets, in the many 'Pet Bar' points with biscuits and fresh water, in the services of dog-sitters and veterinarians available on request. And, finally, let our daily Pet Menu with pasta, rice, meat or vegetables leave him with the special taste of memorable moments.

Escape the confines of a life that runs, ever faster, in the humdrum of routine, of commitments, of duty more than desire: holidays with animals in Trentino allow this and much more. Make space for a new, memorable adventure in our luxury resort on the Paganella plateau.
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