The value of ecology in our eco hotel in Trentino

The regenerating purity of the oligomineral water from our spring, the therapeutic benefits of the bioenergetic garden and the presence of the solemn dolomitic peaks will help you to understand the link between the environment and this eco-hotel in Trentino. And so you arrive at the heart of our concept of ecology. Because, for us, ecology does not exist for scientific reasons alone, but rather becomes an inspiration for defining the precious gifts that nature has bestowed on us, in an unforgettable health experience.

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Lavish in its love, the benign nature that surrounds our eco-hotel in Trentino calls to you to enjoy the grace of the enchanting parkland, its trees and flowers, its naturally landscaped panoramic terraces from which you can observe the skyline of the Brenda Dolomites. It guides you in discovering the powerful vitality of the plants in our exclusively bioenergetic garden. It sows a seed of purity in you, and nurtures it with the reinvigorating effects of the oligominerale spring.

As do all the best green hotels in italy, we proudly display our EU Ecolabel, the European Union's badge of ecological quality. It is a label that extolls the commitment of our eco hotel in Trentino to the responsible management of natural resources, to the protection of air, water and soil quality, to energy saving and to environmental safety.

Ecology. For a green hotel in Italy, ecology is the polar star guiding our daily actions. Following it leads you to the heart of Trentino, to the embrace of our resort on the Paganella Plateau.
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