Think of an emotion.
Try to describe it.

And, if words escape you, turn to art. Because it is in art that we can find form and colour, expressions for the emotions that you hold in your soul.
Asking art to describe life is what we do everyday and is what we want to share with you.

Think of an emotion. In our art hotel in Trentino, you can live it.
But not describe it, not define it. Come here, live it.

Stir your soul with the power of art

Being an art-hotel in Trentino is not the simple result of a choice, but a vocation that we nourish and share with the Vancanzarte Hotels and the Hotel dell'Arte in Italy.
We give resonance to the harmony between this place of dreams and the art that inhabits it, with exhibitions that delve into the soul and bring to light our most intimate sentiments. We receive artists such as Corrado Bonomi, Annamaria Gelmi and Massimo Fontanini. We find in them the irreducible search for new visions, and, like us, the press (from Vanity Fair to the Republica) in thrall to their expressive power in our private viewings.

You, too, can realise the power of the interweaving of contemporary art and the Paganella plateau. Observe it in the exhibitions organised in the park, between the irresistible comfort of suites conceived as authentic art rooms, and in the elegant halls of our art hotel in Trentino. Listen to the joyous, vibrant, austere and persuasive voices of generations of artists that grow and bloom. Discover the seductive interplay between materials and relive the complexity of the human experience in our works from the Raudi Collective, by Tatiana Festi and Chiara Tagliazucchi. And then, by Valentina Miorandi, Bruno Lucchi, Antonio Ievolella, Mirko De Mattè, Pietro Weber and Marco Lodola.

Think of an emotion. But don't describe it, don't define it. Come here. Live it.